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Maye River Gallery with an "E"?

Many people often wonder why the Maye River Gallery is spelled with an "e" on the end of the word "May." We could tell you that "E" is for "Excellence" and that the art offerings at the gallery are truly "Exceptional." And certainly that is not a falsehood. It is by no accident that the "E" ended up on the end of May River when the gallery was first christened back in 2007. The true story is that gallery founders wanted to pay homage to the beautiful 15 mile long scenic waterway that was the starting point and soul of Bluffton, formally established as a town back in 1825. Original maps showed the river as being spelled "Maye River" but the "E" was eventually dropped in subsequent topographic publishings. Restoring the original "E" was a lovely way to pay respect to this vital and delicate waterway that nourishes and supports our local ecosystem, natural resources, local culture and community. The Maye River Gallery hopes to do the same!

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