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Jo Dye, Maye River Gallery Wildlife Artist presents a Retropective Show

Maye River Gallery' artist, renown for her wildlife depictions and elaborate collage assemblages, Jo Dye, is exhibiting a current show featuring a collection of her wildlife collages in, “Now & Then . . . Early and Current Works by Jo Dye,” on exhibit now at the Art League of Hilton Head.  The show will run May 14 through June 14. Dye’s depictions of wildlife using cut and torn paper, alive with bright colors and surprising details, entice the viewer to move in for a closer look to see the minutiae of each masterful creation.  Her collages are often mistaken for traditional paintings.  “This collection reflects my recent interest in color and texture and the freedom that collage represents,” she explained.  Over the years, Dye has experimented in many media, including oils, acrylics, pastels, printmaking, scratchboard, and pen and ink. “My art is not stagnant but always in transition. Each ‘stroke’ of my collage is created from pieces of cut and torn paper; some were found, and some were specifically created to fill the need. I carefully choose each addition based on its color and value.  Each tiny addition works to build the creation and bring it to life.” Maye River Gallery applauds Dye's accomplishments and celebrates her ongoing journey in art, creativity, and new works of art, sure to bring fascination and joy to collectors and beholders.

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