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If These Bowls Could Talk...

Secession Oak Bowl by Michael P. Murphy

If these bowls could talk, oh, what a tale they would tell! Maye River Gallery is pleased to offer three, one-of-a-kind, carved wooden bowls by Michael P. Murphy. The interesting tale emerges from the oaken source of these magnificent pieces. Carved from the branches of the historic, centuries old, massive live oak, known as the "Secession Oak" (which stood for more than a century,) master arborist Murphy has not only created three stunning pieces of art, but encased a piece of U.S. history. The Secession Oak stood on private property in Bluffton and was visited by many modern day tourists and history enthusiasts. Its significance in the annals is that it was the exact gathering spot for meetings, held in secret, leading to the decision of the Southern states to secede from the Union. In an ironic full circle of events, the Secession Oak collapsed after standing for more than a century on February 1, 2021 - also earmarked as a recurring national observance - National Freedom Day. The observance marks President Lincoln's signing of the Amendment abolishing slavery on February 1, 1865. Mr. Murphy has offered to donate 20% of his proceeds back to the Historic Bluffton Foundation. (

To read more of the story and history of the Secession Oak go to:

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