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7 Reasons we all NEED Art in our Home

"View to Palmetto Bluff" by Anita Stephens

Art ain't anything new. The oldest pieces of discovered pre-historic art date back to 700,000 B.C. Art has been a part of human existence, expression and adornment for a long time. But, aside from being something attractive to look at, it may not be well-known why we actually NEED art in our home. According to Artwork Archive, the following seven points answer the question:

1. Art makes a home more human.

“The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Listen to the art.” -Junot Diaz

Amongst all of the machine-made items in our homes, it’s nice to have something that can effortlessly bring life back into a room.

With a work of art, you can sense the time, effort, and skill that went into its creation. You may have even gotten the chance to meet the artist in person or hear the story behind the work. Even if you haven’t met the artist in person, seeing the fingerprints, brush strokes or marks on the work serves as a reminder of the person behind the work of art.

2. Art lets you express yourself and encourages dialogue.

“Art is a language meant to speak the things that can’t be said.” - John Demarco

Without needing words, art can be the perfect way to express who you are to both yourself and others.

Why? Art tells a story.

And, when you love a piece enough to hang it on your wall, that story speaks volumes about you.

3. Art helps us validate and recognize our emotion.

“Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand—as if it were necessary to understand—when it is simply necessary to love.” - Claude Monet

Whether it’s a memory or a feeling, a piece of art can evoke powerful emotions when we look at it. Art can cheer us up after a bad day, make us remember, or inspire us to do more in life. It can provide comfort that we are not the only ones feeling a certain way.

4. Art stretches our boundaries and encourages growth.

“Art should be like a holiday: something to give a man the opportunity to see things differently and to change his point of view.” -Paul Klee

When art is more than decoration it challenges you intellectually, confronts preexisting ideas you may hold, and even makes you uncomfortable.

5. Art reminds us of what is possible.

“By doing what you love you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.” -Satsuki Shibayu

Seeing other people do what they love is inspiring. That’s why we follow Instagram accounts of artists, athletes, and yogis. Their passion is contagious.

It’s not hard to get stuck in a routine. So often we hear our friends, or even ourselves, saying something like, “I would paint more if I had time.” Or, that we will pursue these passions in retirement.

It is invigorating to see someone both creating and dedicating their time to what gives them the most joy in life. By pursuing these passions and working against the grain, they inspire us to do the same.

6. Art encourages us to be brave.

“I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing that I wanted to do.” - Georgia O’keefe

Being an artist is not an easy path. It often requires deep sacrifice both financially and socially for periods at a time.

It also opens us up to criticism. As anyone who has ever displayed a work of art, poetry, writing or even given a speech knows—putting yourself out there is making yourself vulnerable.

Having a work of art in your home encourages you to take risks and to embrace vulnerability—because the result is often something beautiful.

7. Art breathes life into a home.

“I don’t like to say I have given my life to art. I prefer to say art has given life to me.”- Frank Stella

Your home is “your place,” and that’s why decorating it to your liking is so important. You need to feel comfortable in your space! And, surrounding yourself with art you love will help you enjoy where you spend a majority of your time.

Plus, from a functional design standpoint, art acts as a focal point, makes a room appear finished, and immediately shows off your interests and ideals to visitors. By choosing to live with art, you are choosing to bring more life into your home.

Our Maye River Gallery website has a wonderful new feature called "Art Placer" making it easy to virtually view a piece of art that you may have admired on one of our artist links. Art Placer allows you to see the art, in scale, within a virtual room. Some examples are the living room, dining room and bedroom - complete with furniture to give the viewer a sense of decor. It even allows you to upload a photo of your own room in which to view the Maye River Gallery art. It is a fabulous tool. Try it out to see how art looks in your home! Because, you NEED art in your home. And....the aforementioned points make a very strong argument that art is also GOOD for YOU!

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